Town Hall - Cahill Auditorium
0ne JFK Memorial Drive
Braintree, MA 02184
United States of America

Dear Marybeth:


I attended the meeting of the Abington Rotary Club and became the guest speaker!


There are nine members of the Club and all nine were there.  The President is Judi McCabe.


All members of the Club are 100% in favor the joint meeting, have put it on their calendars, and are looking forward to it.


I discussed suggestions for a program, and they were in favor of these also.  I will get back to you on that.


I will be the speaker at this meeting and will do the program and program booklet.


They are working on a fundraiser, selling tickets to an event where a young lady will roll play "Lady Di".  I asked that they send the information, etc., to me so that I could in turn send it to the appropriate members of Braintree Rotary.  I said that I could not commit to anything, only to forwarding the information, in that it would be an executive board decision, etc., and everyone fully understood that.


A very pleasant visit!