Town Hall Cahill Auditorium
One JFK Memorial Drive
Braintree, MA 02184
United States of America

Hello! My name is Grace Snyder. I'm currently a sophomore in college at the University of Rochester, but I've lived in Braintree my whole life and go home to south Braintree when I'm out of school for breaks. My mom and grandparents also grew up here :) I bleed blue! I'm reaching out to the Braintree Rotary Club on the advise of my public health advisor. This summer, a team of myself and 5 other undergraduates will be traveling out to Ladakh, India for fieldwork regarding how mountain tourism impacts the area, the people, and the climate in the region. The trip is funded out of pocket, and I am working to amount around $3,500 to pay for my plane tickets, lodging, and food while out in the field. From what I've read about rotary clubs, the general mission is "service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding," so I was wondering if within that came any funding for projects such as mine. The idea of my time in Ladakh is to serve as a servant leader who will work with Ladakhis to understand and publish research regarding effects that globalization and tourism has had on their daily living. The professor in charge, Dr. Nancy Chin, had mentioned that local rotary chapters (like the one right by Rochester in Brighton, NY) have provided funding to students in the past for trips such as this, so I was wondering what your thoughts might be on this possibility and if Braintree's rotary club has done anything like this, or would be willing to try. If you would like to schedule a zoom or phone call to get to know more about me and/or this project, I am happy to do so. You can reach me at my school email listed above or my personal one (gracecsnyder11@icloud.com); I monitor both. I am also happy to provide a resume or any other form of credentials you might need. Thank you for reading through this email and let me know what some of your thoughts are! Take care, Grace