Thank you for visiting the Braintree Rotary Club! This is truly a great organization that does so much both for our local communities as well as across the globe.  The most common question I get when asked about Rotary is. 

“What exactly is the Rotary Club?”. 

The Braintree Rotary Club is a local club of Rotary International, a global service organization that aims to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards, and promote goodwill and peace in the world. The Rotary Club lives by the mantra

“Service Above Self”.  

Overall, the Rotary Club serves as a platform for individuals to come together and make a positive impact in their local community and beyond.


The Braintree Rotary club is one of over 32,000 clubs in 200 countries worldwide. 

With over 1.2 million members, you are not joining just one local club but a worldwide family of Rotarians.  Anywhere you travel, it’s likely you will see the a road sign of the Rotary wheel with information on when and where that club meets.  As a Rotarian, you are welcome to any Rotary Club’s meeting with open arms.  Joining Rotary is truly joining a cause for the greater good of all people. Throughout the years, Rotary has been involved in global projects of immense proportions - eradicating polio, fostering peace through international scholarships and exchange programs, and addressing critical issues such as poverty, hunger, health, illiteracy and environmental sustainability.


Our club is made up of local business and community leaders who work together to support a variety of local and international service projects.  Some of the club's local activities include providing scholarships to graduating students, organizing community events and supporting local charities and non-profit organizations.  We support many local organizations throughout the year, including the Braintree Food Pantry, the Marge Crispin Center, the Council on Aging, and the Braintree Youth Center, among many others.  One of my favorite projects we do is providing dictionaries and thesauruses to all Braintree 3rd and 5th graders, respectively.   

How do we do this? We do this by fundraising all year long by holding a number of events and fundraisers.  Some of these include our annual Braintree Rotary Club Golf Tournament, our semi-annual Braintree Electronics Waste Day where we help residents responsibly recycle electronics, local car shows and more! Every dollar raised goes directly to these causes.


Rotary International has a theme for every year.  This year’s theme is “Create Hope in the World”.  

In my opinion, this is a very fitting theme for the times we’re living in.  Being a part of Rotary is being the change you wish to see in the world.  Thank you for visiting our club, and I welcome anyone interested to join us for our weekly lunch meetings at the Braintree Town Hall, most Thursdays at noon.


Rotarily Yours,

James Solimini, President

The Rotary Club of Braintree