Guests and Happy Bucks!
Our only guest today was Helen Blowers from the Weymouth Rotary Club.....and our ADG!  Lots of Happy Bucks to go around:
Dr. Richard was happy that US News reported that a Dentist was named the #1 job in America!  He was also happy to recall that 17 years ago he had the pleasure of inducting Sue Wentworth into our Club.
Bill Tennant was happy that his ADG duties took him to the Stoughton Club last night, and he met an interesting member who gave him two bottles of "Fellowship Beer".
Kelly Moore was happy (make that ecstatic) that Ohio State is the National Champion of College Football.
Peter Kurzberg was happy to have Shannon back joining us for lunch....and was really happy that he knew Bill Tennant who bailed him out of a real car problem last weekend.
**Peter also mentioned a local program "Super Saturdays" (a recreational program for special needs students in town) that is looking to raise money for scholarships so that every child can participate.  The cost of the program is $25 per session....or $300 would sponsor a child for the whole year.  Please see Peter for more information if you and/or your company would like to help.
Shannon was happy to be back.  She has been suffering from a virus that attacked her nervous system, keeping her from being able to walk.  She showed up on crutches, happy to be able to celebrate her birthday with us!
Helen Blowers was happy to be with all her Braintree Rotary friends.
Chris O'Neill was happy that he has an upcoming birthday on Monday.....and he called out Cousin Joe for hiding the fish tickets for some "special" members!
Steve Currier offered a "be careful" buck for the slippery weather out there.
Chris Fleser offered a happy buck for the ladies at his table...and announced that Missy Garlisi was named in the top 25 of Keller Williams agents.
John Back was happy to announce the arrival of his third grandchild.....weighing in at a mere 10 lbs 2 oz.!
Paul Pecci was happy that he was unchained from a barrel in time to make it here.
Leanne Walt was happy that the Coat Drive went very well....official count to come soon. She was also happy to see Shannon back (as were we all!!)
President Eric bestowed the usual fines on all those that arrived late, had to leave early, forgot their pin or name badge.....